What Is a 6 Panel Urine Drug Test?

Posted by anna on March 15, 2022

A 6 Panel Urine Drug Test checks for five common drugs of abuse. It is not reliable in detecting the presence of Benzodiazepines, but it can detect use even up to two days prior to the test. Some companies offer confirmatory tests free of charge. These tests can also be performed by a DOT-certified laboratory, which is essential for driving.

A 6 Panel Urine Drug Test is useful for identifying the presence of six illicit drugs. The results of these tests are usually in less than six hours. In addition to the time it takes to detect drugs, the quantity of each substance used also plays a role. The heavier a person is, the shorter the time it will take for a positive result to be detected. A high-quality 6 Panel Urine Drug Test will reveal the presence of these substances.

6 Panel Drug Test

A 6 panel drug test dip is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay (LC-IA) that detects multiple drugs and their metabolites in the urine. Specifically, it can detect benzodiazepines, cocaine, and marijuana. The cutoff levels for each of these drugs are based on the drug's specific metabolites, which can vary depending on the manufacturer. The sample must be screened on two different occasions to ensure that the results are accurate.

If the urine test shows a red or pink line, it indicates a positive result. The color is a sign of the presence of a drug. A visible red or pink line means that the specimen is negative. However, the color could be very faint or very dark. The test would indicate a positive result. The colored band will indicate a positive result. The red/pink line is the indicator of a positive 6 panel drug test.

The 6-panel drug test will look for common drugs in a urine sample. The results are accurate and can detect a drug use from several days back, depending on the dosage and duration. Moreover, if you are concerned about your job security, you can also choose to get confirmatory testing at no extra cost. For convenience and security, you can also select from a DOT certified lab. These results are guaranteed to be accurate.

If you have a high level of a particular drug, you may need to take a urine sample again. A positive test results in the presence of a certain drug, but not a large amount, and a negative test means that the drugs did not show up in the urine sample. Alternatively, a negative result would mean that the drug was not present at all. The inconclusive outcome means that the test was unsuccessful. If you receive positive results, your employer will not immediately notify you, and you'll probably need to repeat the test using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS).

A positive test result will show a red/pink line adjacent to the target drug. If the line is faint, this means that the target drug was detected. In some cases, a negative test will also reveal no drugs at all. A negative test is an indicator that the drug is present. If the result shows no drugs, then you can be confident that the person is not intoxicated. A positive result will be confirmed if the sample is positive.

A positive test result means that the drugs in the sample were detected at a specific level. In some cases, a positive test will show no drugs at all. It is possible for the test to be inaccurate. In such cases, a negative result is an indication that the drug did not show up at all. It's important to know that a negative test does not necessarily mean you are intoxicated. An inconclusive one means that you did not test for all drugs.

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