Viral Transport Media Kit

Posted by anna on March 2, 2022

A Viral Transport Media Kit (VTM) is a collection and transport device used for the safe collection and transportation of clinical specimens. These kits typically contain Nasopharyngeal Swabs, Oral Swabs, and Hanks Balanced Salt Solution for swabbing samples. Additional materials included in the VTM Kit include Phenol Red, Bovine Serum, Gentomicin, Polymyxin B, Cryoprotectant, and a bacteriological agent.

A VTM kit consists of a disposable sample tube and VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIUMS. The VTM contains a cryoprotectant protein that helps maintain the viability and virulence of the viral specimen during transport. The VTM also includes a biohazard sample bag to help protect the laboratory equipment. The MVTM-10A also includes a flocked swab and molded breakpoint handle. The flocked tip swab has a three-mm width and 20mm length, and a 130mm length. The total swab length is 150mm.

The VTM kit comes with all the supplies necessary for the diagnosis of viral pharyngitis and papillomavirus. The swabs are sterile and feature a breakpoint 80 mm from the tip. The swabs are compatible with the swabs provided in the kit. The tubes are designed with a patented cap to prevent leakage of VTM during collection.

A VTM kit includes the VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIUMS KIT and SWabs required to safely collect and transport clinical specimens. A VTM kit is a set of materials that includes all of the items necessary for this task. The VTM contains several flocked-tip swabs and a biohazard specimen bag. The flocked-tip swabs have a 3mm tip thickness and a 20mm tip length. The molded breakpoint handle is 80mm in length. The swabs are a total of 150mm.

The VTM kit has several components that ensure the safety and quality of the test. The MVTM-10A contains three ml of VTM solution. It also has a 10 ml tube for collecting samples. The MVTM-10A weighs 7.2kg and contains a flocked oral swab. The MVTM-10A carries 1 mL of VTM solution.

The VTM-KIT is the most popular video-tabbing kit, and it has been available since the mid-1990s. The VTM-KIT is made in the US and complies with the CDC guidelines. The MVTM-10A includes a flocked-tip swab and a flocked-tip tube. The MVTM-10A has a shelf life of 12 months, and is 7.2kg. It also contains an expansion connector harness, which eliminates the need to purchase bulk quantities.

The Viral Transport Medium Kit is a specially formulated medium for virus collection and transport. Its purpose is to ensure the optimum viability of viral samples. The VTM consists of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution, buffers, and protective proteins that can prevent viruses from replicating. The VTM kit is an essential component of any clinical laboratory. But the use of the VTM kit depends on the specific test.


COPAN has developed a new transport medium called the UTM(r)-RT. This is designed to preserve organism viability while transferring clinical specimens from one site to another. COPAN has developed this product to suit different needs in various laboratories and countries. You can find more information about the UTM on the company's website. Here are some of the benefits of this product. We hope this review of the UTM-RT will assist you in selecting the right medium for your laboratory.

COPAN UTM is a room-temperature-stable collection medium. It is ideal for rapid antigen testing, viral culture and molecular-based assays. The universal transport medium can be used to preserve organisms during the processing and transport of clinical samples. Several clinics are already using COPAN for this purpose. Moreover, it has a high shelf life of 48 hours. Besides, the UTM is compatible with all laboratory instruments and can be stored in refrigerator.

COPAN is FDA-cleared for use in clinical specimens. It is available in plastic screw cap tubes and is suitable for both delayed and accelerated culture. During culture, the product can maintain organism viability for up to 48 hours. It also complies with CLSI M40-A2 standards. Its performance and sensitivity can be compared to other diagnostic kits. The COPAN UTM was found to be more sensitive than the other two.

COPAN UTM is compatible with most clinical specimens. It comes in a convenient plastic screw cap tube and has been approved by the FDA. It is suitable for delayed and accelerated culture and is available in several sizes. The COPAN universal transport medium can be used for a wide range of samples. Its versatility makes it possible to collect specimens from various sites. It is also compatible with a variety of sample types.

COPAN UTM is approved by the FDA for the transportation and preservation of clinical specimens. It is suitable for samples of influenza and COVID-19, which have different sites and must be collected by a nasopharyngeal swab. It is compatible with most other laboratory equipment and is compatible with most laboratory workflows. Its compatibility with other media has not been established. This is a great sign that COPAN is the ideal choice for your lab.

COPAN UTM is FDA-cleared for the transportation and preservation of clinical samples. Its screw cap tube is ideal for both delayed and continuous cultures. Unlike most conventional transport media, COPAN UTM maintains organism viability for up to 48 hours. Its consistency is stable and it has been tested to meet the CLSI M40-A2 standard. The results of this study are available as a public report.

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