Quick Guide to Facility management

Facility management is a team of managers who take all kinds of precautionary measures to ensure the health of an environment making sure that everything is safe and intact from external harms.

The roles and responsibility of facility managers include maintenance and sustainability of a place, taking care of up to date information technology, performance quality of a structure, and project management with finances.

There are two main types of facility management companies in Dubai; Hard services and soft services.

Hard Services

These installations are usually required by law as they ensure the safety and precautionary measures of a building. These services are mainly related to hardcore electrician and plumbing work which will prove to be beneficial and necessary for the building like a heating system which maybe a necessity for places like Canada – always draped in snow. Or a centralized air conditioning needed for hot places where the environment would not be livable enough to survive.

Lighting and plumbing work is also a must for a building which is habitable. If a place is not equipped with the right kind of lighting then it is of no use because lighting and plumbing are the basic kind of necessities which are required by every person to make sure that not huge kind of budgeting is needed to simply move into a place which is required.

Soft Services

Soft services are mainly related to cleaning kind of services such as security guard company in Dubai or window cleaning and scrubbing services. Security, without which no place is safe. There is also a need of mail management services so that people don’t start receiving someone else’s mail. Waste management should be on top of the list as without this, no matter how pretty or well established a building is, it will all be useless because of the waste and garbage that would be polluting the space.

The facilities of a place is what it makes it habitable for the residents and its maintenance is as necessary. The interactions of people with their environment, maintaining peace and making sure that things are always how they should be.The list may go on and on about the things that needs to be maintained but they need to be done occasionally.